Final PositionsEdit

Pos Race number Pilot Team Electra Time Km/h mph
122 Shawn HigbeeZero/Agni25:33.6394.7458.87
280 Michael BarnesLightning Motors25:51.8093.6358.18
315 Mike HannasElectric Race Bike26:44.2090.5756.28
423 Jennifer BrommeWerkstatt Racing26:57.7089.8155.81
514 Kenyon KlugeKsquared Racing29:54.6080.9650.31
618 Zoe RemPril Motors
716 John WildSquare Wave
820 James PoolerElectric Motor Sports
919 Spencer SmithVolt MotorsDNF
1037 Thad WolffTeam ElectraDNF

Qualifying results:Edit

Pos Race number Pilot Team Time % of fastest time km/h mph
122 Shawn HigbeeZero/Agni01:56.87100113.0570.23
280 Michael BarnesLightning Motors01:59.41102.18110.6468.74
337 Thad WolffTeam Electra02:09.27110.61102.263.49
415 Mike HannasElectric Race Bike02:10.45111.62101.2862.92
514 Kenyon KlugeKsquared Racing02:13.25114.0299.1561.6
619 Spencer SmithVolt Motors02:20.77120.4593.8658.31
720 James PoolerElectric Motor Sports02:22.73122.1392.5757.51
823 Jennifer BrommeWerkstatt Racing02:24.47123.6291.4556.81
916 John WildSquare Wave02:46.33142.3279.4349.35
1018 Zoe RemPril Motors02:49.55145.0877.9248.41
- ?? Wendy EpsteinEmpirical Electric* -:-.- --.--.--.-
- 89 Chip Yates Swigz** -:-.- --.--.--.-


* Crashed, did not qualify
** Technical problems with KERS kept Swigz off the track

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