Open Moto X wants to make sure at least one electric motorcycle competes in the e-Miglia 2010 race.

But time and money are short.


Talk to the organisers about a two-wheeled entry and the rules.



Item Cost estimate (€) Notes
Ridertravel to and from event + 3 days rally = minimum 5 days. Better 10 days for practice (can we find someone to ride for free?)
Bike Hireminimum 5 days, better 9 to allow for some testing and practice (see above)
Insurance ?
Entry to rally1500
Communications 150 2x pay-as-you go mobile phones should be fine
Accommodation (or camper van hire) say €150/night)
Travel to and from the event (minimum two people?)1000depends on who/where + when

Find a sponsorEdit

Starting with our list of potential sponsors

Build a teamEdit

Can a rider manage on their own? or do they need a support crew?

Rider Edit

Support crewEdit

Drives the support truck/cam

Support EquipmentEdit

  • Camper van?
  • Trailer or second van with tools / spares?

Find a _road legal_ electric motorcycleEdit

Mavizen - Looks like our best option. Definitely road legal in the UK. Need to check EU status. Short-term hire options?

eCRP - probably not road legal but a eCRP1.2 is available for €5000/race according to eCRP Racing's website

Brammo - road legal in the USA but not sure what the status is in the EU. IS time too short to get EU clearance for a special import?

Other options?

Zero S - road legal in Germany/EU?